SwifSash Invisible Balance System

SwifSash is a revolutionary invisible balance system for sliding sash timber windows.

With SwifSash you can make traditional sliding sash windows in timber without the need for unsightly springs, cords or chains.

Window Balance System

The SwifSash balance system is completely hidden from view once installed.


  • Specifically designed and engineered for sliding sash timber windows.
  • Window Energy Rating of Band A is obtainable using the SwifSash system.
  • Can be used on almost any size sash – from 300mm to 1500mm high.
  • Unique, integrated and completely invisible balance system.
  • Easy to install and reliable in performance.
  • Easy to draught seal and weather seal your window.
  • SwifSash balances are custom built and are fully pretensioned.
  • Suitable for use in both new and existing timber sliding sash windows.

View Installation video Here